Saturday, May 21, 2016

New THEORY and CONTINUITY SCENARIO: sections totally revised.

Sorry guys, my site has been totally altered and re-written.

The X-Men timeline was altered EVEN before the events of DOFP (1973)
The X-Men timeline morphed TWO TIMES, not just one. First Class was a mild reboot.
This theory explains all remaining incongruences and errors, and also fixes them once and for all.

1- No Father/Son crap. Deadpool 2016 is not the son of Barakapool.
2- No convoluted explanations.
3- No ignoring the timestamps of The Last Stand.
4- No problems with Gambit set in the "present time".

I just heavily revised the following sections:

1- Original timelines (Timeline Prime A and B)
2- Fixes & explanations (still "work in progess" anyway)
2- Teams
3- Adversary factions

I'm currently writing new tidbits for Apocalypse and the Timeline Sigma section.

So please, re-visit my site.

Thank you so much.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

This is a FANsite and I don't perceive any money from visitor hits.

Hello X-Ficionados.
This is a very important message.
This site is a pure work of passion. I do it for free. It's not a job. I don't perceive any money from it. It's just a fansite. As you already know... :)
I don't own the characters, the movies or the pictures. See the Copyright section.
In the while, I'm writing the new Apocalypse/Deadpool section. Stay tuned. Thank you so much for the tremendous resonance this website is getting. I love you.