Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New section: Deadpool/Apocalypse Fixes

Hello Mutants,

First of all, I revised all 3 timelines and fixed some dates and mistakes here and there. So please, check them again.

For instance, I articualted the concept of the Zero Event better, as well as revising some birthdays.

Then, I issued a new section of FIXES: DEADPOOL and APOCALYPSE.

I'm also meditating on LOGAN, maybe I will consider it a standalone alternate universe. Stay tuned.

Have a nice day and stay X.

Tiziano Caliendo

Monday, February 13, 2017

Join "FORUM X" - the New X-Men Movie Fan Forum.

Hi, Mutants...
If you wanna talk about the X-Men Movie Franchise, I created this forum to gather all former IMDB users genuinely interested into the X-Men cinematic saga. The IMDB message boards will shut down within days.
This is it:
Please, spread the link wherever you can - FB, Twitter and so on. You're invited to join us.
Have a nice day..........

                                                                     by Alex Ross