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Magneto's helmet/telepathic immunity

A minor point, but another thing people have complained about. In X1, Charles is surprised that Magneto's found some way to "block my telepathy".
Contrary to popular belief, Charles was amazed by the fact Magneto's headquarters was immune to Cerebro (which is telepathy-based, as established in the Singer movies). What Xavier meant was that Magneto had found a way to shield not only himself, but his minions, too. Xavier couldn't find Sabretooth, Toad or Mystique. And Magneto didn't even wear the helmet when he was in his lair. Magneto had reverse-engineered the helmet and found a way to shield his entire hideout so that none of them could be found by Xavier.
Knowledge about mutants

Another contradiction which is seldom brought up actually, but which is quite significant. In X1, we're led to believe that the mutant phenomenon has only recently become a significant topic of public discourse.

In First Class, we learn that the existence of mutants was revealed to the world way back in 1962.

As we already know, First Class never happened in the original timeline, Timeline Prime A. So X1 doesn't "follow" First Class and its events.

We need to remember that in First Class, its basically the US and Soviet governments which learn off the existence of mutants, not the general public. Its possible that the government kept the existence of mutants a secret, even as people like Stryker were secretly recruiting them for black ops missions and later experimenting upon them. Origins suggests that the public at large is unaware of the existence of mutants, even though the government is well aware of them. So its possible that for decades, mutants were an urban myth, like alien abductions and stuff, but by the time of the trilogy, the cat was out of the bag and it became a full-blown "mutant phenomenon".
After Bolivar Trask is killed, the one man who was pretty much awake for all of it was Stryker. I think that developed an interest in mutants and then when his son came along he sent him to Xavier for help but Xavier could not do anything. So instead of having a general interest he starts hating them and starts experimenting them.

DOFP also states that a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent of people are mutants at that time (1973). 0.001% of approximately 210,000,000 or maybe a little over 2,100 people in the United States.
Even if that grew exponentially throughout the next 20 years. I would say it wouldn't be until around 2004 that we would see major conflicts in these areas.  
Why is Xavier alive in DOFP (2023)? He has been killed by Phoenix in The Last Stand!

"P." Xavier is the supposed brain-dead twin of Charles. Even though there is no official record of him, it may imply that he was born brain-dead due to Charles' mutation in his mother's womb as the latter's telepathy may have been involved in some way. According to Charles: "The man you see here was born with no higher-level brain functions. His organs and nervous system work, but he has no consciousness to speak of".  

Because of his condition, he was always moved from one hospital to the next until the Muir Island facility was constructed and Charles sent his twin under Moira McTaggert's care.

In the post-credits scene of The Last Stand, it is implied that Xavier has managed to transfer his consciousness into the body of his brother. He cannot walk anyway because "P." Xavier's legs have been permanently damaged/atrophied by the 74 years-long coma. Finally, the man looks identical to Xavier (but sports a long beard).


Why Scott Summers' powers are slightly different in Origins
They are not different. Friction generates heat. His optic beam is pure concussive force coming from an alternate dimension (his eyes work as an interdimensional portal). As such, that "force" can generate heat in special occasions, as byproduct of friction. Anyway, we can just see few tiny flames around the edges of the wreck he caused in the school, while Deadpool's optic beam (genetically modeled after Cyclops' one) managed to overheat Wolverine's claws. 

How much old is Beast in The Last Stand (set in 2005)?
We must assume his enhanced mutation slowed down his aging process.
There is no proof to conclude that he doesn't have the ability to revert to a human appearance in The Last Stand, he may just elect not to. Or it could be a case of needing to continually take injections to have that ability and since in his older age he no longer feels shame about the way he looks, decides to stop taking the serum. And if that were true, it would explain his human appearance in X2.

Were Cyclops and Storm in First Class? So were they two teenagers at the time (1962)?

No, not at all. Those were "easter eggs" for the fans. The boy seems to me pretty much generic, and Storm may not be the only black mutant in history to feature white hair. Just pretend the girl was another mutant resembling Storm, possessing computational abilities. Plus, her clothes don't resemble those of a poor African little girl (a street urchin) anyway.



Magneto, Mystique, Professor X, Cyclops, Beast and many others look very healthy and younger than their anagraphic ages in the original trilogy and DOFP. How's that ever possible?

Generally speaking, cinematic mutants' aging process is slightly slowed down by default. The Gene X may improve the biological process; it's a sort of optimization. Mutants age slower and better than humans. It's pretty established that Beast and Mystique are aided by their specific mutations, even.

How can adamantium cut/penetrate adamantium? 

This is not comic book adamantium. They created new rules for its cinematic counterpart. First of all, it's an alien metal (like vibranium in the comic books). Summing it up: if given a mild, specific overheat signature, hot adamantium can break cold adamantium (Wolverine's claws pitted against Deadpool in Origins; Silver Samurai's katanas in The Wolverine). If submitted to extreme and prohibitive hot temperatures, then adamantium becomes "fluid" and "malleable", as established in X2. In regards to the "adamantium bullets" in Origins, we can explain that by saying they were provided with an overheat signature, exactly like Silver Samurai's katanas.

Why did Logan's adamantium-laced claws look so "shining" in some scenes of Origins

You can assume the adamantium covering his bone claws was still fresh and not "worn out" as later in the saga. Plus, it's an alien metal, so you can suppose this substance just looked more "outerworldly" (even shining) in its newborn stadium.

And now, the big question. At the end of The Wolverine movie we see Logan's adamantium-laced claws getting cut off and his natural bone claws coming back. In DOFP is there an explanation as to why he gets his adamantium claws back?

It's very subtle. (Old) Magneto is an X-Man. There's a strong hint he could "perform" a molecular binding between his bone claws and metals in DOFP (1973). It was young Magneto to suggest that, but it's still valid for old Magneto, of course.



  1. While watching X3 I noticed that when Charles is at Jean's house and he starts talking to her via his mind, it's actually her reading his mind not him projecting his thoughts into her mind. This could be why he's walking, and not using his powers.

  2. Great, thank you for your contribution. You're 100% right.

  3. Patrick said that DOFP explains why he is alive, it didn´t happened...

    1. yeah i though the post credit scene scene in the The WOLVERINE(2013) should have been explained in DOFP. but it didnt. not sure why they showed it in the first place. Although the movie was awesome!!

    2. It's been confirmed that the scene was cut due to potentially having too much exposition. So Patrick was telling the truth.

    3. His being alive always made sense as he's brought back to life in the credits scene of X3 making him perfectly able to be in DoFP's future timeline and Wolverine's credit scene to set up DoFP's story of how the 3 of them got together.

    4. There was dialogue originally written that explained that. Unfortunately, it was cut.

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  5. 1. Emma in Origins vs. Emma in FC: They are not the same. I would propose that Emma in Origins is a clone of Emma in FC.

    2. Sometime after The Wolverine and before 2023, Magneto re-coated Wolverine's claws with adamantium. This is alluded to when young Magneto in 1973 remarks that Wolverine's claws would work better coated with metal.

  6. Howard, thank you for your contribution and feedback.

    By the way, Emma Silverfox is Emma Frost's daughter. She genuinely was Kayla's (half-)sibling.

  7. Very good write up, you did more ground work than I ever could to right the wrongs of X3 and Origins...... but just my observation of watching the marathon of movies before going to see DOFP. I watched all of them again in timeline order minus X3, meaning First Class, Origins, X1, X2, The Wolverine, then going to see DOFP it just flows and feels much better as a six movie set completion. Then the after movie scenes of Apolyoclypse goes into a new timeline and new world perfectly!!!

    DOFP is such a good movie of righting the wrongs of some of the big problems of X3 and other stuff, just take X3 out the canon and it just feels really good with the basic story line of the series.

    Yes I understand Fox and Singer would like X3 to be Canon, but it just brings up way too many minor issues to ignore, UNLESS you actually ignore X3 all together.

    While watching The Wolverine right after X2 it comes off just amazingly better, sure the "taking Jean out line" and his shock of seeing Professor X is a bit murky. But comes across more like the Clone Wars throw away line of the Star Wars OT. Basically between the end of X2 and beginning of The Wolverine, some type of mutant vs mutant great war happened, some how Jean Grey reappeared, Wolverine had to take her out and many mutants died including Cyclops and Professor X, and Wolverine disappeared in the mountains as a hermit. In other words, Wolverine and Jean Grey's banter back and forth has some mystery about events that went on between the end of X2 and The Wolverine. But not really messing up the overall timeline.

    When you go see DOFP right after that, a lot of that makes some logical sense, the beginning of DOFP helps wrap the murky lines of Wolverine up quite nicely IMHO, meaning the talk about a great long war, mutants dying, stuff like that. Basically if you watch the Xmen and Wolverine movies minus the X3 in the order timeline wise--- the beginning of DOFP makes it seem like it was a very dark time between the end of X2 and the Future.

    Then the end of DOFP helps wrap up the major character arch in all movies minus X3, which is Logan's story arch and the establishment of Professor X's X-men. Sure the Jean Grey and Logan killing her is still a tad bit left unsaid, but if you logically think about the dark times of mutant vs mutant wars after X2 and that the actual real Jean Grey died in X2, and then the end of DOFP, she's alive, everything is basically back to normal from the start of X2. You can move on with the new timeline and the new stories and forget X3 as canon and enjoy a rather good six movie set. Just my observation

  8. Hank McCoy triggers his beast mutation in FC but is human in X2. DOFP shows he developed a serum to appear human. He is obviously still using it in X2 and either stopped using it by the time of Last Stand or it just stopped working.

    Also, one for Charles and Mystique. In X2, Stryker shows the president images of the X Mansion. Mystique (as Senator Kelly) jumps to Xavier's defense saying it's just a school.

  9. Stryker says in X-Men 2 that Adamantium becomes indestructible once it cools, yet we see heated adamantium break Wolverine's claws. You might want to work that in somehow.

  10. Another good explanation for young Storm and Cyclops in First Class is Xavier perhaps seeing into the future. This was his first time using Cerebro and hadn't yet mastered how the machine fully operated. We know that telepaths can do this because Jean was able to catch glimpses of future in X2.

  11. The novelization of The Last Stand by Chris Claremont actually gives specific dates for Jean and Angel's origins as 1985 and 1995 respectively. With the 20 years and 10 years ago put up in the movie, that might actually place the third film in 2005.