Timeline Sigma


This is the iteration of "X-Men: First Class", "X-Men: Days of Future Past", "X-Men: Apocalypse" and "Deadpool". The one altered by the Zero Event in 1923 and by The Timeline Prime B Wolverine in 1973.

5000 B.C. - "En Sabah Nur" is born.
3600 B.C. - En Sabah Nur is imprisoned after a fight with some rebels. 
1832 - James Howlett is born.
1845 - After coming into his powers following the murder of the man whom raised him, young James Howlett runs away with his presumed older half-brother, Victor Logan.
1861 - James Howlett and Victor Logan fight for the Union in the Civil War. 
1903 - The Zero Event. The mutant Unknown materializes in the past and alters the events in various way. 
1917 - James and Victor, by now having discovered they don't age like others, strive on as they fight in the first World War.
1932 - Charlex Xavier is born. Moira MacTaggert Version II is born.
1935 - Raven Darkholme is born.
1944 - Erik Lehnsherr is coming into his powers within his demonic trials of the Holocaust. Sebastian Shaw sees first hand, with Erik's discovery of his mutant abilities, what is happening to humanity.
1945 - Transferred to the Eastern front apart from his brother, James is captured as a POW in Japan, apparently without his dog tags for this war. He meets and befriends a young Yashida upon the bombing of Nagasaki when Yashida shows compassion to the prisoners.
1962 - The major events of X-Men: First Class take place. The X-Men are formed. After the final battle, the Brotherhood of the Mutants is also formed.
1963 - Warren Worthington III Version II is born.
Dallas. Magneto is captured after having assassinated JFK.
1965 - Xavier opens the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. After few years, most of his students are drafted into war.
Scott Summers Version II, Alex's younger brother, is born. Jean Grey Version II is born.
1968 - James Howlett and Victor Logan, having by now changed their names to "Jimmy Logan" and "Victor Creed", fight in Vietnam.
Late 1972 - Eight Mark I Sentinel prototypes are stored in a secret facility at the Trask Industries sites. Mystique disbands the very first "Team X" Major William Stryker jr. has assembled in Vietnam.
Early 1973 - The major events of X-Men: Days of Future Past occur. In January, Jimmy Logan was taking a break from his military duties when Timeline Prime B Wolverine's consciousness takes over his body. Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Beast and Quicksilver band together to stop Mystique and save humanity.
1976 - Wade Winston Wilson Version II is born.
1983 - The events of X-Men: Apocalypse occur. The third generation of X-Men is born: Mystique, Beast, Cyclops, Phoenix, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Storm.
2015 - Wade Wilson Version II is transformed into Deadpool. 
2016 - The major events of Deadpool occur. 
2023 - Timeline Prime B Wolverine takes over Timeline Sigma Wolverine's body for the last time. 

Note: interviews, novelizations, deleted scenes and Internet viral campaigns have been considered as "not canon".

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