Saturday, August 8, 2015

Archangel is coming... just ignore the time stamps!

That's it, Mutant Heads, Archangel is coming... courtesy of Apocalypse and Timeline Sigma.
Yeah but... give me a break! Warren Worthington III/Angel is an adult in 1983?! How that? It seems a big, huge, bombastic continuity error in the Timeline Prime/Timeline Sigma scenario.
It seems.
It's not.
I would say:
Just IGNORE the "time stamps" at the beginning of The Last Stand. They should be removed or corrected:

1965: Warren Worthington III/Angel is born.
1966: Jean Grey/Phoenix is born.
Early 1973: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Timeline 2). Jean Grey is 7 years old. She's the little girl watching the stadium floating in the sky.
Late 1973: Vietnam. James Logan and Victor Creed are recruited by William Stryker.
1975: James Logan leaves Team X.
1980: Professor X recruits Jean Grey (The Last Stand flashback). Angel grows his wings (The Last Stand flashback). Ignore the time stamps. They are wrong and should be removed.
1981: "6 years later", as said in ORIGINS. The events of the Weapon X/Weapon XI programs occur. Professor X recruits Scott Summers/Cyclops (16 years old) and Emma Silverfox/Silver Fox.
1983: APOCALYPSE (Timeline 2). Cyclops is 18 years old. Angel/Archangel is 18 years old. Jean Grey is 17 years old. 
1990: Wolverine disappears from Stryker's radar ("15 years ago").
I will wait for more evidence from the upcoming movie in order to further tweak my timelines on the site. Stay tuned and FLY HIGH!