Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's about the future?

The timeline will be OVERWRITTEN, not split in two. Altered.
At this point, I want two more movies featuring the classic eighties X-Men (minus someone) and set in 1987-1990.
The roster:

Cyclops (18 years old in 1990)
Jean Grey (teenager)
Storm (????? teenager)
Nightcrawler (teenager)
An older and wiser Banshee

Of course, not included: Wolverine (no adamantium), Colossus (he's a baby), Iceman (he's a baby), Rogue (she's a baby), Shadowcat (she's a baby), Bishop (not born), Warpath (not born), Blink (not born), Sunspot (not born), Angel (his powers manifested only in 1996 and he was a kid anyway).

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