Thursday, May 29, 2014

Original Timeline little update, Origins is canon & DOFP success.

Hello New Mutants!
First of all, I updated some bits of the Timeline Prime section related to ORIGINS. Many in the world are having such a big issue with the fact Logan was located in America by the year 1973. I fixed that. It works.
As a side note, Danny Huston (Stryker in Origins) was digitally de-aged for the Vietnam scenes. Maybe I'm crazy, but I see some glaring similarities between him and Josh Helman (Stryker in DOFP). They kinda look alike in terms of physiognomy.
Origins belongs to the Timeline Prime canon. Sorry to spoil the new movie, but they show quick flashbacks from the movie (Victor Creed, the bone claws being broken) and there's even a great and unexpected "cameo" from Emma Silverfox (YES! That "Emma") in the very end... watch out, you have been warned.
DOFP is a success. An huge hit. 300 millions of dollars worldwide in few days. Not bad for an epic, intense, brilliant and majestic movie like this.
On the other hand, we hit the 30.000 visits mark...
THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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