Saturday, August 8, 2015

Archangel is coming... just ignore the time stamps!

That's it, Mutant Heads, Archangel is coming... courtesy of Apocalypse and Timeline Sigma.
Yeah but... give me a break! Warren Worthington III/Angel is an adult in 1983?! How that? It seems a big, huge, bombastic continuity error in the Timeline Prime/Timeline Sigma scenario.
It seems.
It's not.
I would say:
Just IGNORE the "time stamps" at the beginning of The Last Stand. They should be removed or corrected:

1965: Warren Worthington III/Angel is born.
1966: Jean Grey/Phoenix is born.
Early 1973: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Timeline 2). Jean Grey is 7 years old. She's the little girl watching the stadium floating in the sky.
Late 1973: Vietnam. James Logan and Victor Creed are recruited by William Stryker.
1975: James Logan leaves Team X.
1980: Professor X recruits Jean Grey (The Last Stand flashback). Angel grows his wings (The Last Stand flashback). Ignore the time stamps. They are wrong and should be removed.
1981: "6 years later", as said in ORIGINS. The events of the Weapon X/Weapon XI programs occur. Professor X recruits Scott Summers/Cyclops (16 years old) and Emma Silverfox/Silver Fox.
1983: APOCALYPSE (Timeline 2). Cyclops is 18 years old. Angel/Archangel is 18 years old. Jean Grey is 17 years old. 
1990: Wolverine disappears from Stryker's radar ("15 years ago").
I will wait for more evidence from the upcoming movie in order to further tweak my timelines on the site. Stay tuned and FLY HIGH!



  1. There's also an issue with Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He's shown in Origins:Wolverine to be in his early to mid thirties and is in his late thirties now. But his Origins scenes are set in the late 70's or early 80's. Unless the pre-experiment stuff takes place in that time and he doesn't age as per his new Wolverine abilities.

  2. I don't think your explanation is right. It assumes (Arch)Angel is older than Phoenix. It the movies version of X-men she is, at least 10 - 16 years older. Ben Foster (that plays Angel) was born in 1980. Famke Janssen (Phoenix), dispite not looking her age, was born in 1964.