Friday, September 11, 2015

New revisions to the Original Timeline section.

Hello X-Ficionados,
We've just reached the 60.000 visits mark and beyond !!!
I'm so proud.
By the way, I revised the Original Timeline and will tweak it more in the future to come. Just waiting for Apocalypse and Deadpool...
More specifically, I addressed the fact The Last Stand is set in October 2005 and not 2006 as previously believed, since you can see Beast reading a magazine with a precise timestamp issue on the cover.
I also added the 1989 events. That part explains the "15 years ago thing" in X1/X2 and why Logan had the XM Origins leather jacket in the original trilogy.
Said that, I will soon insert Angel's dates in the Original Timeline frame too. Just ignore the on-screen digital timestamps of The Last Stand, they are obviously wrong.
Warren Worthington III is born in 1965. The Last Stand's flashback is set in 1977 or so. When Warren joins the X-Men, he is 40 - like Cyke, Jean and Storm.
Don't forget cinematic mutants age a bit slower (and better), I would say they all show 10 years less than their real age. 
That's it. See you soon.

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  1. You could assume that Warren was genetically aged.

    God bless you! God bless everyone in your life!